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Best of the NW Art and Fine Craft Show • April 9 & 10, 2016

Last weekend we took the Caravan to the 28th annual Best of the NorthWest Art and Fine Craft Show. This event is family oriented so we got to share the Arts with a lot of young ones, which is always a delight. It felt good to get the Artstream fired up again; and traveling with this tried and true troupe makes all the hard work worth it. As the Caravan’s five-year anniversary approaches I’m excited to expand the Caravan format by focusing on creating events instead of joining established festivals. Movies and music in the woods anyone? Stay tuned…

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"Mobile art show is a dream realized for West Seattle couple" • February 9, 2016

We loved this wonderful write up in the West Seattle Harold.

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The Building's Fall Extravaganza • November 14, 2015

Caravan Gallery- Parlor & Roadside Attractions was invited to join The Building for their 3rd Annual Fall Open Studio Event, hosting Morgandy Knits by GC Jackson. It felt wonderful to roll out our two ton mobile gallery for the second time this year, after spending most of the year remodeling and activating our new brick and mortar sister space the ProletariYacht Club. We love it when Gail sets up in the Caravan showcasing her textiles and making the world a little bit warmer and more beautiful place

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Georgetown Carnival • June 13, 2015

Our third time participating in The Georgetown Carnival reminded me why I love that part of the city so much. I had a nice chat with my friend and hopefully our next city-wide city council member Bill Bradburd. He’ll do such good things for our city.

This year Grace’s Band Of Toy climbed out of their shopping cart and took to the streets, charming, thrilling and mildly disturbing everyone they met. Memories were made. Grace also had some paintings in the Parlor, one of which went home with one lucky lady.

I did some live painting on some of my much-neglected current body of work, while spreading the word on what’s happening at the ProletariYacht Club.

The Countess held court by the Roadside Attractions tent, where Tim wove tapestries of sounds, then was joined by Alan and Marko., and unexpectedly by a roving marching band adding a little Honk Fest flavor to the mix. Sage did a set of his family friendly magic drawing a crowd of kids of all ages, and we even had a couple of lovely looooong legged ladies saunter up to the Airstream to rest for a spell. I’m not sure they are related to The Countess, but I suspect so. All in all it was a wonderful time and we’re so thankful to the folks doing all the hard work to make it happen.

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Savvy Painter Pod Cast • August 14, 2014

We were so honored and excited when Antrese Wood interviewed me for her Savvy Painter podcast. I love her project and am so excited to be a part of it!

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TK 10th Anniversary Bash • August 2, 2014

We had such a great time at the Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts 10th Anniversary Celebration. It was our first Artpark on a hill so it made hanging the art and installing the kinetic wire and light piece an interesting challenge.

The Parlor moved outdoors under a canopy, and hosted Michael O’Driscoll and his latest book Bedbug’s Book of Wisdom. Just Sage performed magic for passers by, flanked by Tim Scallon’s musical melding on one side and E. Grace Dager and Band Of Toy on the other. It was glorious!

The Gallery featured Juan Carlos Castellanos’ oil on paper and oil on board pieces, Pat Wickline’s wire, light and movement piece, and metallurgical manipulation pieces, Brenda L Scallon’s oil on canvas automotive abstractions and profile pieces, and GC Jackson’s custom cards. Wow, that’s a lot of incredible work!!!

Of course The Countess was stunning as usual, daydreaming about the video project we’ve been working on. We’re looking forward to many new adventures, (like working on the Canned Ham!!!), but for now we need to get back to repairing the damage done in the windstorm in Lubbock, and Buttercup needs rear shocks… Make art not war.

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The Building’s Summer Spectacular • June 2014

It was treat to be asked to join The Building for their Summer Spectacular exhibition of “Art , Music, and more”. Since it was also our tenth show and close enough to the third anniversary of launching Caravan Gallery- Parlor & Roadside Attractions (July 15th) we decided to celebrate. Then again, we do that at every show, but it feels good to note landmarks like that. In the Gallery, Robroy Chalmers and Nichole Dement’s work looked phenomenal, and the Parlor hosted provocative work by Laurel R. Dodge. The Countess held court in the back room cradling her copy of the New York Times article featuring her, while being on the receiving end of fifty nine smitten admirers ‘giving her five’ throughout the event. Thanks to Kim Miller and Dave Myka for the invite and wonderful gathering of the tribes!

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NYT Photo-shoot • May 2014

On April 21st I received an email request from Alyson Krueger, a journalist working for the New York Times, asking to interview me for an article she was writing about mobile galleries. Of course I said yes! A few weeks passed and she sent me a couple follow up questions that I answered. The next Monday a photo editor contacted me saying they were interested in getting some photos of the “Seattle Caravan” and did we have any shows in the next couple of days !?!?!? Once again the answer was YES, and two days later I had a show in front of Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery in Georgetown, returning to the site of our first Artpark. The article appeared the next Saturday in the Arts section! Making it happen….

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SXSW • March 2014

We had a great time, nestled in the ‘Social Good Row’ of the SXSW edition of the Renegade Craft Fair, right in the center of beautiful downtown Austin. The biggest obstacle this time out was just getting there. Navigating from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX presented us with plenty of new challenges, the triumph over which left us feeling exhilarated and ready for just about anything. Seriously, it was transformative. Once we made it down there it was deeply satisfying to share the art of Shawn Ferris, Robroy Chalmers, Anette Lusher, Phil McGaughy, Brenda L. Scallon, Yvette Endrijautski, and Jean Albus, along with a hands on busking installation, three mesmerizing magic shows a day by Just Sage, and all of it enhanced by Tim Scallon’s musicianship, keeping everything rapt in sonic accord.

While there, we saw some old friends, made lots of new ones, and explored a new dimension of our mission to “Take The Arts To The Streets”. A big thank you goes out to Julie Yost for inviting us down!!!

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Our second time at the always fun Georgetown Carnival, was even more fun that the first. Tons of people dropped by to check out the SCARtists group show, and were suitably impressed with the skill and depth of talent on display. I was really proud of this, our seventh show, featuring E. Grace Dager, Chris Sheridan, Patricia O'Connor, Kate Protage, Robroy Chalmers, Patricia Ridenour, Siolo Thompson, Yvette Endrijautzki, Cynthia Freese, Stephen Rock, Anna Hurwitz, Suzanne Tidwell, Randy McCoy, Don Haggerty, Miguel Edwards, Alan Fulle and Brenda L. Scallon. Seventeen artists all in one twenty three foot Land Yacht, but it worked. And in the Roadside Attractions tent Just Sage, Dan Pearson, and Tim Scallon made it happen even though they were set up just feet away from an enormous set of gongs that our neighbors set up for people to pummel, creating a wonderful and loud cacophony. Still the show must go on, and did it ever! This is one of our favorite events of the year.

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WEST SEATTLE ART WALK • November 8, 2012

Sixteen months and six shows into it, my mobile gallery experiment is starting to fall into it's own rhythm. I like that. For this opening we headed to the North Admiral District and teamed up with our friends at Mind Unwind Gallery for the West Seattle Artwalk. I was thrilled to see what Patricia O’Connor, Theresa Neinas, Bill Bradford, Stephen Rock, Yvette Endrijautzki, E. Grace Dager, Tamra Rose, Steven Mortz, and Jim Lopresti, had done with the de-laminated wood I'd been collecting to utilize as the basis for a new series titled ‘Reclamation’. I was particularly taken with the piece by Bill Bradburd, who sculpted his pieces into a gorgeous re-imagined log. Stunning. I'm really starting to enjoy rolling my two-ton gallery around in search of new adventures. Caravan Gallery- Parlor & Roadside Attractions: 'Where Art Meets The Open Road'... I'm in.

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What a blast taking Caravan Gallery Parlor & Roadside Attractions to the Georgetown Carnival for the first time, where we featured the sultry and gorgeously rendered art of Siolo Thompson in the Caravan’s Gallery, as well as Brenda L. Scallon and Patricia Ridenour in the Parlor.

And what a treat to be hosting stellar performances by E. Grace Dager and Band Of Toy, along with the always delightful Just Sage’s prestidigitations, to christen the new Roadside Attractions tent, while Tim Scallon engulfed us all with his hypnotic, subtly probing soundscapes.

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FEEDBACK LOUNGE • December 10, 2011

Two days after rolling the Caravan up beside the ever awesome Hotwire Online Coffeehouse, for the December 8th, West Seattle Artwalk, Gia from the Feedback Lounge called and invited us to join them for their 'GIFTED' event. It was December and Gail still had lots of great work to show so I said "sure, sounds fun." And it was...

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WEST SEATTLE ART WALK • December 8, 2011

This time out, we teamed up with our friends at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse in the heart of the West Seattle Junction for the West Seattle Art Walk. Here we are seeing how many people can fit in one Caravan. I'm sporting some gauntlets that wearable fiber artist GC Jackson made for the show. I haven't really taken them off since... The Roadside Attractions tent was hopping and not just to try to stay warm on a cold December night, as E. Grace Dager and Band Of Toy wowed the crowd, Then Just Sage took us for a spin “helping to heal humanity with humor and integrity many smiles at a time“, and Tim Scallon warmed us with his steady radiant resonance. It was all wonderfully festive.

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GEORGETOWN ART WALK • September 10, 2011

We had some serious fun in Georgetown, taking the Caravan on its maiden voyage outside of West Seattle. The wonderfully hospitable Larry Reid, at Fantagraphics, saved us a couple of spaces in front of his place and hooked us up with power. Nice! And a special shout out goes to Tibor Erdelyi, who rescued us when our truck decided it wasn't really meant to pull 4,100 lbs. of Airstream like I thought it should. He showed up on very short notice with his truck, and got us there and back in one piece. Kudos to you, sir. E. Grace Dager and Band Of Toy took a turn performing in the Caravan Gallery on what was one of the hottest days of the year, while Tim Scallon charmed us with his guitar wizardry. It was a scorcher. Then towards the end of the evening, the crew from Skillet dropped by and we traded Airstream stories. Sweet.

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Okay, it's officially a Caravan now!!! I just bought a 1957 Aloha 'canned ham' to go with the Artstream!!!!! There's a bit of work to make her awesome again but how could I say no...?

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DEBUT EVENT • 7-17-2011

Wow, the Caravan Gallery - Parlor and Roadside Attractions debut was amazing! Michael O’Driscoll’s work looked dynamic in the 'Artstream', E. Grace Dager and Band Of Toy were beyond brilliant in the Pod. Just Sage in his 'Frank' persona did two transcendent shows, one earlier, for the kids, and one later for the adults, and Tim Scallon, provided a tasty sonic mosaic to the evening, both playing and DJ-ing. It felt pretty wonderful, witnessing this performance and art experiment come to life. What an incredible gathering! I even sent Art on its way, to new homes.

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