Caravan - Gallery, Parlor and Roadside Attractions

A beautiful 1974 Airstream Tradewind is home to the Caravan Gallery - Parlor & Roadside Attractions. With tents, canopies and optimism, we’re taking the Arts to the street. The “Artstream” offers exhibition opportunities for visual and performance artists, musicians, acrobats, poets, dancers, and visionaries. Join us in celebrating the Arts. We also have a second, brick and mortar location in The Building (4316 SW Othello) called the ProletariYacht Club, which serves as an arts incubator and performance venue.

Brenda L. Scallon is a musician, painter, videographer, lifelong patron of creativity, and former co-owner of Black Lab Gallery and Parlour.

Tim Scallon is a musician and creative co-pilot.

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