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PYC Closing Party • January 27, 2018

What a perfect way to wrap up the PYC’s three-year residency in The Building. Music was played, magic happened, stories were told, and we meandered along the ‘memory wall’. It was fun to revisit all the collages documenting the fifty-five unique, and varied events that we’ve hosted in our ‘incubator for the arts’. We feel lucky to have collaborated with such inspiring and creative people, and look forward to future Caravan adventures once we move and get settled. It’s been a wonderful ride. Thanks for being a part of it!

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Jam Session • December 28, 2017

On December 28th, 2017, we held an informal jam session at the ProletariYacht Club. This was an opportunity for musicians and friends of different backgrounds to get together and share ideas and musical inspiration in a relaxed cooperative atmosphere. As is often the case in situations like this some surprising synergies were discovered and explored. Many thanks to all who came and shared their gifts. It was a relaxing end to the past year a hopeful excursion into the new.

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Happy Holidays • December, 2017

Happy Holidays from the ProletariYacht Club!!! We’re busy in the studio working on all sorts of exciting things to share in the new year.

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Second Thursday Open Studio • November 9, 2017

Our November open studios event was extra special as we hosted Morgandy KnitsSecret Sweaters of a Temperate Zone Knitter’. Truly a treat to see these gorgeous pieces made over the last twenty-five years, all in one place. Some new hats even found their forever heads. Tim Scallon, King Dre, Abby Karp and Charles Beene played original music for an appreciative audience. Plus there were ‘Profile Pieces’ courtesy of the Analog Toy Factory and hot cider. It was a fun way to kick off the holiday season.

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Second Thursday Open Studio • October 12, 2017

Our October open studio had a ‘Smock’tober theme, focused on making art. It was really fun to see how many people stepped up to meet the challenge. The evening started with Tim looping and ended with some great jams that included a magical Croatian lute. It was pretty much a perfect PYC Second Thursday.

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Musicians in the Round • September 23, 2017

On Saturday, September 23rd we hosted an intimate Musicians In The Round event at the ProletariYacht Club. With Brenda’s new artwork on display musicians Audrey, Jim and Tim took turns playing songs original, classic and obscure. Thanks to warm camaraderie all around, the musical circle turned for hours. Special thanks to Annette, Kurtis and Brenda for their encouragement! I wonder what will be turning next month.

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Second Thursday Open Studio • September 14, 2017

September’s 2nd Thursday open studios ‘goodbye to summer’ event was wonderful! After taking August off, it was great to see old friends, and so many new faces. I got to show my newest finished piece, a quick portrait of my friend Amy, before it heads off to its new home. We also enjoyed welcoming our new upstairs neighbor, and celebrating the fresh new paint job in our lobby! Next up, Musicians in the Round, September 23rd!

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Living Room Show in the Gallery • July16, 2017

On Sunday, July 16, we hosted Ken Stringfellow and friends for a special performance at the PYC. The evening started with a BBQ where guests could meet and mingle with the artists. Ken then kicked off a 3-hour show to a standing-room only crowd, playing guitar, harmonica, piano and antique drum machine, while singing sans microphone in an intimate, and dynamic performance. He told stories and performed several duets with Stacey Meyer and Nicole Wolgamott from the Furniture Girls, and Rob Anastasi from Minky Starshine. Such fun! This is our last public event until Sept 14th at which point we should have lots of new things to share! We have a couple more spaces in our Monday night painting/drawing group. If you’re interested in joining us, shoot me a message Enjoy the summer!

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Solo Dance Performance • June 25, 2017

On June 25th, we hosted our first dance performance, ‘Paces’ a solo performance by Petra Zanki. Petra is an internationally celebrated dancer and choreographer, now working in Seattle. Petra gave a beautiful, powerful and original performance to a enthusiastic audience. It was sublime.

♥ ♥ ♥

Second Thursday Open Studio • June 8, 2017

The June 8th open studio, ‘Spring Into Summer Open House’ version, was delightful. It’s always fun to have so many studios participate. There were lots of new people checking out The Building’s creative spaces. We hosted a group show called ‘Built To Last’ featuring work by seven artists who took on the challenge with relatively short notice. Let’s do this again soon!

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Night Of Musical Games • May 27, 2017

On Saturday, May 27th we held a Night Of Musical Games at the ProletariYacht Club. Adventurous souls were directed to follow a random set of rules determining what to play and how to play it. Instructions were as diverse as: “Play on one foot.”, “Play your favorite song”, “Play with your eyes closed”, “Play solo”, “Play as a trio” , “Skip your turn”, etc.. Given these sparse guidelines, performers of all levels of experience collaborated and celebrated music together. Many surprising and happy moments ensued. Thank you to all the participants for their enthusiasm and special thanks to Brenda L Scallon for the idea. Stay tuned for more…

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Second Thursday Open Studio • May 11, 2017

In keeping with the Upstream vibe in Seattle this month, our May 11th edition of Open studios included music and new beginnings. Painted plates by Edward Lee were on display, while several canvases and canvas panels that Edward donated to our space were distributed for use in our upcoming Built to Last show. Stay tuned for some pretty exciting events coming up in the next couple of months.

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Movie Night • April 22, 2017

On Saturday, April 22nd, we held a night of movies and improvisation at the ProletariYacht Club. Brian Edwards provided selections from his magnificent film library. The evening’s highlight was 'The Lost World', a silent stop action film classic from 1925, by Willis O’Brien, who later went on to animate the original King Kong. The presentation was supported an enthusiastic cast of musicians who together navigated the storyline between scientific debate and jungle challenges, culminating in a rampaging brontosaur on the streets of London! To top off the evening June Olsen and Dave came to spin us home with music on vinyl. We really appreciate the community of artists that contribute their energies to collaborate through the PYC. Till next time…

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Second Thursday Art Walk • April 13, 2017

We had a lovely April open studios gathering. Seeds being planted everywhere, Somehow still trying to say goodbye to winter. One kool and cozy warm part of the night was Jay Keller throwing open the doors to his new and much improved space! We even got to watch him throw some stuff on his wheel. Loving the diversity of disciplines in The Building!

♥ ♥ ♥

Open Improvisation Session • March 24, 2017

On Friday, March 24, we held an open improvisation session at the PYC. A diverse band of enthusiastic participants joined in. We love that friends, old and new, offered such talent and energy. With two keyboardists, five guitarists and a percussionist weaving magic we didn’t want the celebrations to end. We look forward to next time when we’ll be adding films by Brian Edwards to the mix.

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Second Thursday Art Walk • March 9, 2017

We enjoyed a lovely, relaxing Second Thursday open studios event on March 9th. Spring is on its way, and we’re looking forward to seeing what will blossom at the PYC in our third year.

♥ ♥ ♥

Edward Lee- Now and Then • February 9, 2017

February 9th we presented Edward Lee- Now and Then, a show featuring work from his archives, as well as some from his newest Mount Rainier series. We were all captivated once again as Edward demonstrated his Chinese painting techniques, creating a rooster with Mt Rainier in the background in honor of Chinese New Year, and then a lotus. Now two lucky raffle winners have lovely new pieces to enjoy. The PYC is so thankful that Edward has shared his talents and spirit with us. Now we’re transitioning back from gallery format to studio format in the front room, but we still have a great selection of pieces in the Parlor, which can be viewed by appointment. (Email me:

We’re also excited to announce that Jay Keller, a ceramicist has taken over our ‘Workshop’ space and is returning it to it’s original use, and installing a pottery wheel and kiln!!!! Welcome to The Building Jay!!!!

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Music Night • January 27, 2017

Our Fourth Friday music night for January, 2017 serendipitously turned into a birthday celebration for Tim’s 60th trip around the Sun. Friends old and new gathered, laughed and feasted together, while a baker’s dozen of musicians performed in various combinations throughout the evening. Surrounded by beautiful art, we took respite from the cares of the day to celebrate each other, the creative family that defines the ProletariYacht Club. For you all we are very grateful.

♥ ♥ ♥

Edward Lee- From The Archives • January 12, 2017

On Thursday, January 12th, the ProletariYacht Club hosted the first of two openings for Edward Lee- From The Archives, a survey of Mr. Lee’s Chinese painting oeuvre, spanning over a half century of creativity. Edward did a demo for a room full of rapt observers while his daughter Liko passed out complimentary raffle tickets. Three very lucky winners went home with original art, and big smiles on their faces! We also sent four stunning pieces from the Archive series to new homes.

Gail from Morgandy Knits brought a handful of #pussyhats, which Tess modeled. They were all snapped up for The Women’s March on Washington. It was a lovely way to kick off the New Year! The next and final opening will be Thursday, February 9th. See you then! Also for this special return to gallery format we will be open by appointment if you’d like to see the show before the 9th.

♥ ♥ ♥

Roam for the Holidays • December 8, 2016

During December 8th’s ‘Roam for the Holidays’ we invited Brian Edwards to screen some of his vintage holiday films, Tim led a sing along, and Morgandy Knits set up a Pop Up Shop in the newly remodeled Workshop. Plus there was a puzzle, and lots of yummy treats, and even a little snow! It was a magical. This was our final Public event for 2016. See you next year!

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Group Loop Music Night • November 25, 2016

On Friday, November 25, 2016 we held a night of musical collaboration and looping at the ProletariYacht Club. The idea is that people can create music together using a common, constantly evolving audio recording loop and thereby create a structured, improvised recording together in real time. What you or someone else played before becomes the basis over which you play in the moment and so on. Several adventurous souls, some familiar, some new, showed up with exotic instruments and talents to craft and explore an architecture of sound together. Music makers cycled in and out of playing and looping while the music kept on morphing into new territories for all to enjoy throughout the evening. Many thanks goes to all who contributed to this fun and wonder-filled experience. We're looking forward to the next one. Here’s a sample:…/pyc-group-loop-11-25-2016

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Second Thursday Open Studio • October 13, 2016

The Second Thursday open studios night at The Building was pretty quiet this month with a pair of epic storms bearing down on the Pacific NW. Luckily the power in The Building was up and running so we made a pot of hot apple cider, opened a bottle of rum and Tim set up a loop welcoming the storm. The second storm on Saturday didn’t materialize, much to everyone’s relief.

♥ ♥ ♥

Second Thursday Open Studio • September 8, 2016

Our September Open Studios event at the Building was a celebration of change and renewal, as Summer winds down and our upstairs neighbors and friends at Myka Guitars move their shop into a home studio. We wish them all best! It was good fun firing up the BBQ one last time this summer, making some music, and celebrate our Westside arts community.

♥ ♥ ♥

Birthday Barbeque • July 31, 2016

On Sunday, July 31st Tess hosted an after birthday (actual birthday is the 30th) party for Brenda and to kick off the summertime BBQ season at The Building, featuring the Patri and Oscar “we still love Seattle” Grill. Food was shared, stories were told, and music was made, sometimes upside down and backwards. It was a lovely last day of July celebration. Looking forward to more of these!

♥ ♥ ♥

A Night of Solo Performances • June 25, 2016

On Saturday, June 25, 2016 the PYC hosted taping night, with musical performances featuring Tim Scallon (rock-based looping), Marco Rehes-Jech (soul/funk crooning) and Blake Musselman aka “Moogy Man” (theatrical rock). Things kicked off with a visit from Patrick of the West Seattle Blog who posted a nice write-up of his visit. Tim performed an original set on vocals, piano, guitar synth and iPad through loopers blending multiple styles. Marco sang several original songs to his assembled backing tracks with his unique and joyful style. Blake/Moogie Man performed in character/costume his unique set on vocals, keyboards and “moogie-staff” over original backing tracks and lighting effects. Thanks to the performers and especially to Brenda Scallon for videotaping the whole affair. In the words of friend and music aficionado Carl DaVault, the evening was “Epic!”

♥ ♥ ♥

Bill McBride Jr Reunion • June 21, 2016

On Tuesday, June 21 we hosted a reunion party for Bill McBride Jr. who was visiting Seattle for the first time in 50 years! What a pleasure to host such a fun event at the PYC! Many memories were shared and new ones created. Tess was particularly impressed with her new friend! It was catered by a West Seattle favorite, Husky Deli, courtesy of Mike and JoAnne Scallon, so both hearts and stomachs were left deliciously full. Fun!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Second Thursday Artwalk • June 9, 2016

After devoting the month of May to a stretch of uninterrupted studio time, and getting our workspaces fine-tuned, it was good to ease back into the next chapter of the PYC during the West Seattle Second Thursday Artwalk. City light crews blocked SW Othello all evening, which made getting to The Building a challenge. It was fun to share the progress I’ve made on the big busking canvas, while Tim wrangled some hypnotic tandem looping on guitar and piano. Our next public event will be Saturday June 25 for a live taping of Marko Reyes-Jech, Moogy Man (Blake Musselman), and Tim Scallon and the machines.

♥ ♥ ♥

ProletariYacht Club's First Anniversary • April 22, 2016

Last Friday, Earth Day - we held a one-year anniversary party for the ProletariYacht Club (PYC). We wanted to have a celebration everyone could participate in and have fun. Guests brought food and drink, shared a variety of talents and created a supportive, celebratory atmosphere that is the spirit of the PYC. Musicians performed rock, jazz, electronic, blues and more musical styles on a variety of instruments. Artists created interactive Profile Pieces at a workshop station. Friends mingled, sang along, told stories and made merry for the occasion. We feel very fortunate to have such a community at the PYC and look forward to new adventures in the coming year.

♥ ♥ ♥

Second Tuesday Open Studio • April 14, 2016

The Building’s April 2nd Thursday was one of the most industrious. Kevin was sharing his new batch of gorgeous silk scarves based on his encaustic paintings. Shaun was making work for his upcoming show. Flora was gathering work in preparation for a talk on her unique felting techniques. We were recovering from a long weekend taking the Caravan out for its first event and planning our first anniversary celebration this Friday the 22nd. Loving this community!

♥ ♥ ♥

Fourth Friday Music Night • March 25, 2016

On Friday, March 25th we hosted a Night Of Singer Songwriter Friends at the ProletariYacht Club. The evening was organized by Marko Reyes-Jech to musically celebrate the return visit of Oliver Rosenthal from New York City. It was an evening of musical originality and style. Brian Cutler kicked things off with his melodic singing, acoustic guitar and standup bass performance. Randal O’Down carried on with his rockabilly jazz grooves and poetic humor. Marko rocked the stage with his soulful crooning, rapping and dancing. Oliver capped the evening with his set of finely crafted ballads and funk. By the end it was a group activity including Andre Renaldo Hobson (aka King Dre) adding percussion, and James Hoffman on Djembe. Brenda Scallon’s cool new (old) microphone was thoroughly initiated and good spirits were felt by all. Thanks to Marko for your contribution to the ProletariYacht Club and to all the performers and friends who made it a special evening to remember. Fare well Oliver, till next time.

♥ ♥ ♥

Second Thrusday Open Studio • March 10, 2016

The March 2nd Thursday open studio was a welcome break from getting the music and video labs set up and the slide projection gear broken down and tucked away for later. Cranking up the Analog Toy Factory to produce a new round of rounded Profile pieces is making me smile. A wonderful gathering of old and new friends as we’re wrapping up our first year in The Building and getting psyched for our up coming One Year Anniversary in April!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Night Of Art And Improvisation • February 26, 2016

On Friday, February 26th we held a Night Of Art And Improvisation at the ProletariYacht Club. Gail provided a classic slide projection system and Brenda curated a slide show featuring ageless works of fine art. This artwork provided the environmental stimulus for live music improvisation by a number of guests. We were happy to see friends, veterans and new visitors to the club joining in and making the night a memorable experience of evolving creativity. Thanks to all who came (especially Happy Birthday to Kirsten Wilhelm).

♥ ♥ ♥

Musical Tribute • February 12, 2016

On February 12th we held a tribute musical improvisation for Elisabeth Lawrence aka Detonator Beth (DB) at the ProletariYacht Club. The night began with the moon smiling upon our gathering as if DB was bestowing her blessing on the anniversary of her passing. Soon musical environments and storied phrases were appearing and intertwining as several of DB’s close friends joined in the vibratory dance. A big thank you goes to Amy Denio for conceiving and organizing the event (she would say inspired by DB). It was a special honor and pleasure to host the gathering at the PYC. And the moon kept smiling.

♥ ♥ ♥

Second Thursday Open Studio • February 11, 2016

February’s 2nd Thursday open studio was all kinds of fun. There are several vignettes set up for a video I’m making about Tess Lubenski’s amazing life and adventures. Plus it was nice to bring my guitar and join the musical exchange that happens at our openings. Reminded once again how much I love playing. We also enjoyed wandering The Building’s other open studio parties. Such a great community.

♥ ♥ ♥

Fourth Friday Music Night • January 22, 2016

For January’s 4th Friday music night we held a Rock & Roll Party at the PYC. This was our first music-focused event of 2016 and it kicked off the year with a BOOM! The show featured a couple of performances followed by an open jam. Guests of all ages came from near and far to enjoy the goings-on. Randy and Tim kicked things off with a reprise of their original rock band “As Is.” Marko Reyes-Jech presented a soulful set of singing, dancing, storytelling and inspiring musical philosophy. Then a wonderful mix of musicians and poets joined in with a spontaneous variety of sonic celebrations and explorations. As the night progressed the rolling walls were rolled out to the hallway to make room for dancing. Treats and refreshments were consumed. And the Countess oversaw all the activities with gracious approval. Long live Rock!

♥ ♥ ♥

Theater Lab • January 17, 2016

One of the most unique events happened in our space last Sunday. Our friend Sage arranged for renowned Commedia dell'Arte mask maker, and performer Stanley Allen Sherman to teach a ‘Creating Original Material Theater Lab’ at the ProletariYacht Club. Eight lucky people received both group, and personal guidance in honing performance techniques. Each of us came away with new insight and delicious nuggets of wisdom and humor. What a treat!

♥ ♥ ♥

Second Thursday Open Studio • January 14, 2016

The first 2nd Thursday open studio of 2016 was a beginning and an end. We are transitioning from a ‘Featured Artist’ show in the front space, to creating and teaching art there, while highlighting the performance arts on our stage. Family, and friends old and new dropped by and filled the space with interesting conversations, both verbal and melodic. Wine and cough drops were consumed; Tess shared heartwarming stories about Bowie, and his profound influence on her and everything, really. It was a lovely start to the new year.

♥ ♥ ♥

Last Third Friday Music Night of 2015 • December 18, 2015

On December 18th we held a Holiday Night of Music and Movies at the ProletariYacht Club. Christmas and holiday songs were performed on request with enthusiastic participation from all. Brian Edwards again shared mastery of his unique film repertoire with festive and suspenseful holiday films. Thanks to all participants for their spirited contributions. Special thanks goes to Dave Myka for finding the mysterious missing piece completing our holiday puzzle. It was a great way to enter the Holiday Season with the joy of friendship in our hearts.

♥ ♥ ♥

2nd Thursday Open Studio • December 10, 2015

Our December open studio was a wonderfully warm gathering on a cold rainy night. We were celebrating the addition of three new Errol Frank pieces in the Parlour, a revamping of the B.L. Scallon studio wall, and gearing up for the dawn of a new year. Tim played DJ, setting the mood for a night of tackling a thousand-piece puzzle courtesy of our friend Gail C Jackson. Coleen Monettte stopped by and picked up her new Kyle Abernethy painting, I’ll miss that one but happy it found such a good home. Friends brought snacks and beer to share, and Tess showed off her latest frog with baby head sculpture in preparation for the coming leap year. By 1am we’d gotten about halfway through the puzzle and all the way through the beer and wine and called it a night. It was a perfect way to pass one of the longest nights of the year!

♥ ♥ ♥

Third Friday Music Night • November 20, 2015

Our occasional ‘music improvisation to movies’ experiment in October, a part of our 3rd Friday music night series at the ProletariYacht Club, went so well that for the November 3rd Friday event we had a special listening party so participants could hear recordings of the creative improvisations (and amazing spontaneous movie dialog) created that night. I am continually surprised at the inventiveness of the ProletariYacht Club family. Then we went upstairs on a field trip to Myka Guitars studio, where Dave distributed some delicious guitar making wood scraps that had been piling up in his space. Let the repurposing begin!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

3rd Annual Fall Open Studio Art Party • November 14, 2015

This was the first time the ProletariYacht Club has participated in The Building’s Fall open studios event, although before we had our space here, Tim would often play at Myka Guitars for their openings, and Caravan Gallery Parlor & Roadside Attractions joined in the Summer Extravaganza last year. We were honored to be hosting Anette Lusher- Cree as our Featured Artist. Her elegant, evocative work is such a pleasure to have in our space. Congratulations to the two people who won those sweet small pieces in the drawings!!! And a big thank you to Anette for the kind and generous addition to the evening! It’s a delight to work with this talented, professional, and super fun artist!

We also hosted five musical acts on our stage. Tim Scallon and Alan Sobel kicked it off, followed by Brian Cutler who switched between his beautiful stand up bass and his guitar. Next came Joe Ross and Ronnie Pierce, (on licorice stick!!!) who had people dancing in the isles, and then were joined by David a lovely random guest that heard about the event and brought his Sax. Scott Adams graced us with guitar and accordion tunes from his newest Birds May Bite album, and Tambor E Cordas serenaded us with Brazilian flair, followed by some extra sweet after party jamming. Brian Edwards set up his projector in the Triangle room and shared some more of his classic film shorts, as well as popcorn and good conversation. What a treat! Sage Viniconis wandered through out The Building amazing everyone with his mad prestidigitation skills and making the Countess swoon. And Grace Dager took over the Analog Toy Factory Workshop as one of The Building’s guest artists and artisans that were set up throughout the hallways and in some of the open studios.

♥ ♥ ♥

Third Friday Night of Music • October 15, 2015

Last Friday Tim hosted more 'Third Friday' fun, and even though I was in class next door at Northwest Encaustic I keep being drawn into the ProletariYacht Club by the strange and wonderful noises, and movies inside!!! Super kool!! Here's what Tim had to say about it-

"On Friday Oct. 16th, (3rd Friday) we held another Night Of Films And Music at the ProletariYacht Club (PYC). In keeping with our new tradition we converted part of the room into a movie theater where Brian Edwards shared a wide variety of selections from his vast collection of eclectic films while musicians and participants improvised a soundtrack.

Musicians Carl DaVault – electric guitar, Randy Hiatt – electronic percussion, Dave David Myka – guitar/iPad, and Timothy Scallon – iPad were joined by Theresa Neinas, and Kim Miller on vocals all contributing to a looping soundscape and creative narration.

It was quite a creative experience as sound effects swirled around classic film shorts, cartoons, instructional videos and scientific documentaries. Popcorn and M&Ms were consumed, viewers were transported, imaginations ignited, and new possibilities revealed.

Thank you again to all who participated. As usual, I look forward with anticipation to our next 3rd Friday gathering! "

♥ ♥ ♥

Art Walk #7 • October 8, 2015

Our seventh Second Thursday Artwalk was extra special. We featured work by Crystal Barbre and Kyle Abernethy, my teachers at ‘The Art Lair’. Both trained at Gage Academy before they opened The Art Lair in 2013 to teach “awesome weirdos” realist representational art techniques. It is one of the hidden treasures in the historic 2200 block of Belltown’s thriving Arts community. I learned a lot there. We also added two new pieces from Stasia Burrington, another Art Lair alumni, to our salon style show. Plus I had fun photographing The Countess who was getting a jumpstart on Halloween in her “Punk Rawk Cinderella” outfit. Dig! Nice to see more new faces, and open studio events are a good time to catch up with the other artists in The Building. I love our Westside community!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Small-g City • September 30, 2015

On Wednesday, Sept 30th, we hosted a reading and book signing for our friend Susan Mately’s new sci-fantasy novella, Small-g City. The reading was especially fun as she and her husband Bruce took turns reading different characters parts in the book. With both being trained actors it was quite a treat! And as always, it’s wonderful to welcome new faces to the ProletariYacht Club and great to see old friends. You can order your copy here

♥ ♥ ♥

Night Of Improvisation • September 21, 2015

On Friday Sept 21 (3rd Friday) we held a musical Night Of Improvisation to give musicians and friends a chance to interact and create in the comfortable atmosphere that is the ProletariYacht Club (PYC). As an added bonus for audience and musicians alike we converted part of the room into a movie theater and screened two movies by L Frank Baum: “The Magic Cloak Of Oz” (1917) and “The Patchwork Girl Of Oz” (1914) while improvising a soundtrack.

Musicians Scott Adams – accordion, Amy Denio – clarinet, Carl DaVault – electric guitar, Randy Hiatt – electronic percussion, Dave Myka – electric guitar, and Tim Scallon – guitar synth/iPad all played and looped together creating an aural atmosphere for the festive and magical classic films. The creativity of L Frank Baum with his stories, characters, sets and costumes provided ample inspiration for audience and musicians alike reminiscent of departed friend and artist Detonator Beth. Special thanks goes to Brenda Scallon and Randy Hiatt for capturing much of the performance on video.

After the shows we mingled while screening the classic 1939 “Wizard Of Oz” with Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” soundtrack. The evening was a lot of fun full of magic and synchronicity with our friends at the PYC.

Thank you to all who participated. I look forward with anticipation to our next 3rd Friday gathering!

♥ ♥ ♥

Opening #6 Featuring “Woody” and James • September 10, 2015

Our sixth Second Thursday Art Walk was blissfully mellow after a very busy August. We set up a selection of “Woody” Michael Todd Harrison’s recycled wood sculptures on the stage, Tim set up a slowly evolving soundscape loop which served as the perfect backdrop for conversation and contemplation. It was fun to see some new faces and always a pleasure to welcome old friends. Perfection.

♥ ♥ ♥

Westside Oscillation at the ProletariYacht Club • August 31, 2015

Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum, brewed a special batch of rum called ‘Westside Oscillations’ to honor and celebrate the craftsmanship and innovation of Myka Guitars, which are custom made by our upstairs neighbor David Myka. Six weeks ago they filled a barrel with their rum and some special spices favored by Dave, and let it sit absorbing the sounds and good vibrations of his shop. Last Monday they bottled some of it up with some special labels and threw the first of three citywide parities, at The Building (4316 SW Othello), even chartering a couple party busses to safely deliver then return a bunch of people to and from the Westside! It was super kool that Dave suggested the ProletariYacht Club host the bar potion of the party while guests got tours of his shop and a couple other studios that opened for the night, plus they brought a food truck in to serve up some excellent BBQ. These people know how to throw a party!

♥ ♥ ♥

A Night Of Music with Tim Scallon • August 21, 2015

Tim hosted a fun event at the ProletariYacht Club that he called ‘A Night Of Music’ Here’s what he wrote a bout it:

“On Friday August 21st, 2015 we held a special “Night Of Music” at the ProletariYacht Club. This was our first non-Artwalk related public performance event, which we anticipated with excitement. Four musical acts participated featuring dynamic singing and original songwriting.

First up was Lisa Craze, backed by Alan Sobel and Tim Scallon. Lisa got things rolling with several original songs in a variety of styles as well as a cover of the intricate jazz standard “Moody’s Mood”. Lisa’s performance was powerful and moving. It was a great way to initiate the musical performance nights at the Club!

Next was Marko Reyes-Jech, performing original songs with pre-recorded backup. Marko authentically puts his all into performing and this was a great example. With original material and customized standards ranging from heartfelt passion to humor Marko laid down a moving show.

Brenda Scallon followed with her original singing and guitar playing backed by Tim Scallon. This was a real treat to hear Brenda performing her uniquely beautiful and well-crafted songs. Her performance was inspirational. Brenda exemplifies the spirit of the ProletariYacht Club as a catalyst for the arts with her many talents.

Last up were South Sound Tug And Barge consisting of Scott M.X. Turner on vocals, guitar and hoop drum and Steve Duda on vocals and banjo. Scott and Steve performed several original and classic songs in an energetic crescendo to the evening. With roots of bluegrass, acoustic blues and folk they presented challenging and relevant themes. It was a great way to cap things off!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the show and to all of the performers for making it a memorable event. We are so pleased with how it turned out and are excited to plan the next one! “

I’m in!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Causeplay at PYC • August 15, 2015

In the past few weeks the PYC has been transformed into so many wonderful and completely unique environments. On August 15th we turned into a staging area and backdrop for a photo shoot by a Causeplay group who are “a group of cosplayers in the Seattle area dedicated to spreading awareness around serious issues and helping out (mostly local) charities!” It was tons of fun. We took some pictures while they were waiting for the photographer, then they took some photos in our space and headed outside, capturing some very cool shots, featuring Valerie and Melody from Josie and the Pussycats, and a tiny, adorable Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Tank Girl and Danny Zucco. Tess was ecstatic, even trying on the Tank Girl helmet. You can see their official results here:

♥ ♥ ♥

Opening #5 featuring James C. Bassett • August 14, 2015

Our fifth opening at the ProletariYacht Club was a perfect way to celebrate the middle of summer. For the next three months we’ll be featuring the work of James C. Bassett, whose slate and wood painting/sculptures from his Solace :: Silence series, inspire quiet reflection. For this Second Thursday Art Walk it was fun to convert the space into a traditional Gallery format, with the stage becoming a viewing platform, and vinyl lettering on the walls to help explain what’s what in this studio/gallery/performance space hybrid we’re nurturing. And, as usual Tim set the mood with his luscious soundscapes. Wonderful!

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Flora Carlile-Kovacs' Felting School • August 13, 2015

Our wonderful neighbor in The Building Flora Carlile-Kovacs transformed our space into a felting school for a few hours today and the results were fantastic! I love how our space transforms! Tomorrow we turn back into a Gallery for the night and celebrate the work of sculptor James C Bassett during the Second Thursday West Seattle Art Walk. Then back to art Incubator for few days. Then, Music nights, readings, rum parties.... loving it!

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ProletariYacht Club Opening #4 • July 9 2015

For our fourth opening Tim invited Brian Edwards to bring his projector and several movies from his incredible collection for an evening of ‘movies not in the park’ in the cool confines of the ProletariYacht Club. We turned Butttercouch around, and the Countess brought movie treats, and practiced the new magic trick Sage taught her on the 4th of July. Tim and Alan played while Brian set up and then Tim and Michael created a live soundtrack as Brian projected movies on the back wall. You can catch them presenting ‘Movies in the Park’ this coming Saturday at the Hat & Boots park in Georgetown, and we’ll be doing lots more projection/ music improvisations at the ProletariYacht Club in the future!

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The ProletariYacht Club Field Trip • July 4 2015

The ProletariYacht Club crew took a field trip to the fabulous penthouse above Mind Unwind/Treehouse Lounge for a video shoot and 4th of July party. The Countess hosted a super fun soiree. There was sunshine, yummy snacks, music, a gorgeous sunset, fireworks and a big yellow moonrise, topped off by fireballs and conversation till the wee hours of the morning.... We also worked on a video project slated for early 2016.

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ProletariYacht Club Opening #3 • June 11 2015

Opening number three at the ProletariYacht Club involved the continued breaking in of the new stage, making curtains, and getting things ready for the Caravan Gallery Parlor & Roadside Attractions’ visit to the Georgetown Carnival. Plus it’s always fun to wander the wonderland that is The Building. We love this place.

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ProletariYacht Club 2nd Opening • May 14, 2015

Our second opening at the ProletariYacht Club focused on music, performance and looping improvisations, while featuring new art by Stasica (Kato) Burrington, and my recently finished Torso piece, as well as Edward Lee’s Chinese painting series and Yvette Endrijoutski’s assemblage sculpture. It was a fun musical experiment and got me excited about possibilities, and future events.

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ProletariYacht Club Debut • April 2015

What a remarkable first opening for the ProletariYacht Club! Surrounded by great art, we watched a Chinese painting Demo by friend and teacher Edward Lee, Grace Dager brought the Triangle room to life with a Band Of Toy installation, and GC Jackson showed her gorgeous textile art in The Workshop. Conversations were had, stories were told, music was played, and I sold two pieces of art, The Priestess, by Yvette Endrijautski and one savvy lady wanted one of Edward’s Demo pieces! Fun was had, and when we finally tucked The Countess in for the night, I couldn’t help but marvel at the potential for collaboration and creativity this space holds.

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The Build • March 2015

Last year at this time we were returning from our incredible journey to SXSW with the Caravan Gallery- Parlor & Roadside Attractions. This year we’ve begun another adventure, signing a lease on an incredible space in The Building (4316 SW Othello), which will house The ProletariYacht Club, a place designed to celebrate, inspire and enable artists, artisans, makers and the people who love them. First the remodel then a party!!!

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